Wrong Number Texts Are Always The Funniest Kind Of Texts

Most of us at one point or another have received a text from a person that you do not know. Generally, most of us say ‘sorry, wrong number’ and that will be the end of it. But, over the years there has been a growing trend where people who receive wrong number texts have a little (or a lot) of fun with the accidental sender. Here we have a hilarious selection of examples that are sure to put a smile on your face. Take a look!

Wow! That is one unique sense of style!

Nothing bad about an accidental catch up with your mom!


funny-wrong-number-texts cheating on your husband


The easiest way to freak someone out!

This is just fantastic!

The final message had us in stitches!

This one just speaks for itself!

Please don’t go…

funny-wrong-number-texts ill be your queen


We are definitely using this in the future if the opportunity arises!

funny-wrong-number-texts im a grill


That escalated quickly!

funny-wrong-number-texts look at car miss you


Challenge accepted!

The dog’s expression is amazing!

Isn’t it strange how reading a few silly texts can really brighten up your mood? Despite it being obvious in many of these texts that people are purposely trying to be funny, it’s the ones that are effortlessly amusing we find to be the best. These images have given us plenty of inspiration on how to tackle a wrong number text and we’re actually pretty excited to test a few of them out! Keep going to see more hilarious messages!

‘Sir’! So polite!

Well played.

Nailed it!

What a mess!

Come on Alex, just admit it!

Oh dear! How mortifying! 

funny-wrong-number-texts sorry for pooing in your car


‘Tight’ nipples? Strange…

We love people who are good sports. 

Seriously Tajlea…

What a lovely grandma!

Worth a try.

So true! A call would have been much better.

funny-wrong-number-texts your father has died


Some people really can’t handle rejection.