16 Awesome Wooden Models Showing Famous Directors Merged With Their Most Iconic Characters

Often when people watch a movie and enjoy it, it’s the actors and actresses that they admire. It’s easy to forget all the people behind the scenes that make a movie come together, in particular, the director. American visual artist and movie fan Mike Leavitt has made the most awesome wooden figures showing his favorite directors merged with the iconic characters they are known for. Each model is sculptured in wood and polymer clay, measuring at 18 inches tall or wide. Take a look!
Website: MikeLeavittArt

Alfred Hitchcock

David Lynch

Francis Ford Coppola

George Lucas

Hayao Miyazaki

James Cameron

Kathryn Bigelow

Martin Scorsese

Orson Welles

Quentin Tarantino

Spike Lee

Stanley Kubrick

Steven Spielberg

Tim Burton

Wes Anderson

Woody Allen