Women Reveal The Truth About Instagram Photos

Flawless skins, Barbie-doll figures, supermodel poses, are only few of the things we see on Instagram. But one woman is sick of all these Instagram fake photos and she’s about to reveal the truth. We introduce to you Chessie King, a popular Instagram blogger who knows every nook and cranny of Instagram. Needless to say, she knows every little secret that this social networking service is trying to hide. In most of her blogs, Chessie encourages women to accept their true body. And stay away from attaining the impossible perfect image that some women on Instagram try to project. Even Chessie has enough of these Instagram fake photos already. And here are some of her Instagram posts exposing the fakery in the most epic way.


Liberate yourself from the weighing scale and be free as a bird.

Ever since people had their hands on Photoshop, there’s already no such thing as a real thing.

The miracle of makeup and heavy filtering can make you almost unrecognizable.

Me: Look at my abs!

My body: What abs? There’s nothing here but a belly filled with popcorn and pizza!

There’s a technique called take a deep breath, hold your tummy in, and only breathe out after the shutter clicks.

It actually takes 652 shots to achieve 1 perfect photo. The other 651 photos belong to the trash bin.

Real-life Barbie is a real-life nightmare. Don’t ever attempt to look like a plastic doll because it’s creepy.

Instagram blogger exposes the truth behind Instagram perfect photos



There are two types of goals. The impossible goal and the attainable goal. It’s up for you to decide which to pursue.

Now let’s talk about the booty that most celebrities flaunt over the internet.

When I’m not on Instagram, I’m probably pigging out on popcorn.

When you try to pose like a supermodel but your inner self is telling you to just be who you are.

Labeling someone as too skinny or too fat has been mainstream in Instagram. Can we just forget about these labels and appreciate the true beauty of people?

Face the mirror and try all the possible postures that make you look great.

People tend to forget to say ‘cheese’ nowadays because they think the ‘deadpan’ look is cool and sexy. But it’s not. Nothing is sexier than a genuine smile. So smile to your heart’s desire.

Where’s the sweat and messy hair after the workout? Some girls don’t actually work out because they’re busy polishing their Photoshop skills.