Woman Rescues A Pitbull And The Gorgeous Dog Can’t Stop Hugging Her

Kayla Filoon is a student who volunteers as a dog walker for an animal shelter in Philadelphia, who also happens to have a huge heart. One day, stray dog Russ came in and instantly Kayla felt a connection with him. The gorgeous pit bull was missing fur on his tail and ears, and sadly had a very skinny frame. Kayla just knew she had to rescue him so filled out the adoption papers as swiftly as could be. Since then, an adorable and heartwarming photo of the pair has surfaced showing Russ giving his new owner a big hug. Take a look!
Website: ACCTPhilly

Kayla hopes that the image will encourage more people to adopt shelter dogs.

The dogs at the shelter who were sick were at higher risk of being put down so Kayla knew she had to act fast. 

The love between these two is enough to make you cry!

We are so happy that Russ finally has the loving owner he deserves.

And, we are equally over the moon for Kayla who has added a whole new level of love into her life. 

It’s fantastic to see that Russ has not only been able to trust Kayla, but develop such strong love for her so quickly. 

What an adorable moment.

Pit bull’s often don’t have the best luck in life, so we’re delighted that Russ has got his happy ending. 

If you are considering adding a dog to your family, please consider a shelter dog…

…they often have the most love to give.

Two peas in a pod.