15 Wholesome Pics That Are Sure To Make You Feel Good In These Dark Times

While some people are irritatingly bad, there are also those good people who can restore our faith in humanity. Let these wholesome pics remind us that there’s a good side to this world that we need to see. Trust me when I say that there’s still hope for us despite these endless barrage of bad news surrounding us. Life is really tough but don’t forget to take a peek at the good side of it. Because no matter how unpleasant this world can get, remember that there’s still hope for everyone. Let us revive your dying faith in humanity with these wholesome pics that’ll surely give you new hope in life.



A single parent can be both a Mom and a Dad. I’m sure the kid appreciates the effort of her Mom to dress up as a man. You can just see how grateful he is for having a Mom like her.


It’s nice to share every good things in life to other people. If something makes you happy, don’t hesitate to share your source of happiness in order to spread the fun.


We can just imagine the relief they felt and the smile on their faces upon hearing that word. That one single word which is more than enough to reward all their efforts and sacrifices.


The bride’s father donated his heart when he passed away 10 years ago. The recipient of his father’s heart volunteered to walked her down the aisle on her wedding. And she finally felt the presence of her father through him.


Why choose one when you can have them both? And yes, we also want to be squished by two adorable penguins.


No matter how busy you are with your work, don’t forget to take a break and unwind. Trust me, this is for your own well-being. Just take a look at these garbage men who find time to enjoy their free time.


Isn’t that cute? If you didn’t find this cute then you better need see a doctor because there might be something wrong with you.

Heartwarming photos that will speak to your soul




That awkward moment when you realize that dogs abide by rules better than us. This dog patiently waits for his owner outside the cafe because he was not allowed in.


People of the past are not fond of smiling on portraits. But they are much like us too. This couple tried to put on their serious face but they can’t control their laughter any longer. And I say the last 2 photos actually revealed their true personalities.


Learn to appreciate every single gift coming from your partner to show them that you really care. No matter how ridiculous they are.


A sincere act of kindness can literally save a life. This was exactly the case when a group of random people tried to stop one man from committing suicide by holding onto him real tight.


Being squished by two lovely penguin mascots would be great but being hugged by 3 real elephants would be the best!


“Was reading at a coffee shop and saw this guy looking up at vet services for an injured sparrow he had just found.”



Besides, proms are supposed to be spent with the one you love. And nothing is more sincere than a mother’s love.


Most neighbors can be annoying but there are still those who can appreciate your worth. This person is just too lucky to have supportive neighbors.