When Things Are Made Just To Make Your Life Difficult

These stairs should come with their own warning sign…

We do not envy the driver of this car! Hopefully no one was hurt!

It’s fine, wheelchair users can just fly over the stairs bit? Ridiculous.

We hope that door is locked at all times! It’s quite a drop!

design fails door to nothing


This makes us feel extremely uncomfortable! 

design fails doors on side of building


This sign is that friend we all have that needs to take their own advice.

How can anyone feel safe living on this structure?

design fails house supported by tyres


The person who chose this carpet wants to see the world burn.

Show your kids this image. Tell them this is the playground you’ll take them to if they’re naughty. 

design fails playground on roof


As amusing as these images may be, some are truly shocking! There are some very serious dangers attached to so many of them. The phrase ‘you had one job’ comes firmly to mind! How some of the people responsible for these fails can claim themselves to be a designer of some sort is almost insulting. Hopefully, certain citizens have complained about the more serious blunders so that they can be made safe. Keep going to see even more shocking images!

This image was taken at a at design school. Irony at its finest.

Keep going to see more things made to make your life difficult