When Things Are Made Just To Make Your Life Difficult

What does think bog means? This person believes he’s thinking big by making an apple appear like it resembles the letter “I”.

The story of the Ugly Duckling suddenly makes an unexpected turn.

It could’ve been a good ceramic mug if only they did better on the design instead of messing it up.

Look at how this tiny blind perfectly fits into this tiny window.

I may not be a drummer but I know that’s not the right way to play the drums. The kid is obviously facing the wrong side of the drum.

Of course, you can’t expect everything to be perfect in life. However, there are certain things that require designers, architects and engineers to ensure that buildings, roads, public areas etc. are safe and fit for purpose. Shockingly, some very terrible mistakes get through the cracks and surprisingly sometimes they aren’t even corrected! Here we have a list of images that show design fails that are accidents waiting to happen. Take a look and prepare to be both amused, confused and annoyed!

Why? Just why?!

Always have your head up and look where you are going!

In case of fire… RUN!

We’re pretty sure tracks aren’t meant to look like this…

design fails blocked rail way


Got an itch? Take a seat!

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