When Things Are Made Just To Make Your Life Difficult

While some people are getting all the luck in the world, there are also those people who aren’t getting any. Is it sheer bad luck or is failure their friend? You may not know it but there’s a big difference between a bad luck and a failure. Bad luck strikes you without a warning and there’s nothing you can do about it. Failure, on the other hand, is the result of a wrong decision that anyone can avoid committing. But what happens when both hit you in the face at the same time? Let these hilarious photos show you how misfortune and failure get the best of these unlucky people.


As if getting dumped isn’t heartbreaking enough, this guy was even humiliated on social media. Guys, be careful who you take on a date.

Are you willing to give yourself to the Dark Side? That name will definitely change your mind.

Would you still give this piece of garbage to your Mom as a present for Mother’s Day? Online shopping never fails to amuse us in many ways.

To disinfect your water bottles, wash them with dish-washing liquid instead of using hot water. If you ask what will happen if you do the latter, this happens.

Poor men has to sacrifice for a week due to this circumstance. But to hold a conference at a men’s bathroom is a little unsettling.

No matter how strong your determination is, there are things that are so impossible to do. This is one of the instances when common sense is more reasonable than a strong fighting spirit.

People can do just anything nowadays. They can just change Spider-Man’s color and change his name to Power-man as if it’s nothing.

People who are friends with failure



This is what winning by a hair literally means. Lucky win for the Canadian athlete but a heartbreaking loss for the Norwegian.

Don’t get me wrong, I love strawberries. But I don’t think I like what I’m seeing here.

When your car’s airbag failed to deploy and you also get the logo stamped on your forehead.

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