Hilarious Times When Life Left People Tragically Disappointed

None of us expect life to be peachy at all times. However, when we are buying a product that has been advertised in a certain way, you tend to have a level of standards you are willing to accept. For example, we all know burgers always look better on TV than they do in person, so, we’ll often let that slide. And, when we see a nut covered treat we know there’s probably not going to be as many nuts as the picture. That’s just life! But, here we have some images that downright take the cake! Prepare to feel a whole lot of sympathy and disappointment for the people responsible for these amusing images!

 This is so sneaky!

We hope these people didn’t have to pay for this sham!

Damn you, Subway!

Imagine being all exited to use your new Star Wars toaster and this happens…

Let’s hope this person loved strawberry flavor and wasn’t too keen on chocolate!

This pizza is a disgrace to all pizzas!

The middle is the best part! How annoying!

Wow! How great does the REAL McDonald’s burrito look?

Companies that do this need to be stopped!

Disappointment in a box Рchild edition!

False advertising is utterly ridiculous these days!

Here’s a great example of a ‘soccer kit’ to steer clear from!

So, imagine you’re super hungry, you go to eat your lunch and this happens…