Hilariously Weird Things Spotted On Public Transport

For many people, public transport is what enables them to lives their lives to the fullest. Whether this be simply getting to friends and families homes, or, going to work, the invention of public transport has definitely been a life changing thing. However, it’s not without its faults. In fact, there are quite a few negative things about public transport including high prices, delayed schedules and coming into contact with some very strange people at times. However, sometimes these strange people can be hilariously weird and here we have a collection of examples. Take a look!

What are those patches near her upper thigh?!

It’s so odd that the hand comes out of the mouth…

This armor must have taken ages to create and a hell of a lot of soda!

Give your back legs a rest buddy, you deserve it! 

This looks awfully uncomfortable!

Interesting choice of attire… each to their own!

So much hipster in one photo!

What a priceless facial expression!

How long did it take you to spot what’s going on in this photo?

What are we looking at here? All we see is a woman sitting on a train!

How totally bizarre is this?!

This has got to be due to the lighting being too bright, surely?!