Interesting Viewpoints Of Stay At Home Moms That Might Surprise You

There are a lot of people who have misconceptions about stay at home moms. Of course, we can’t, and shouldn’t, generalize all stay at home moms in the same way but we feel that often people misjudge the majority based on a small minority who fulfill a certain stereotype. For example, many people think that being a stay at home mom entails sitting on their backsides all day relaxing, which couldn’t be further from reality! Here we have a selection of different viewpoints from stay at home moms that might surprise you. Take a look!
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A lot of people presume this and it’s not nice.

A good title for a stay at home mom!

People’s decisions should be respected.

It may not be a ‘proper’ job, but it’s certainly hard work!

Each parent has their roles. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to look after your child and earn in a full time job at the same time! It’s not always that simple.

Hmm, a marriage is a partnership. Fair enough telling your other half about your day but it’s a shame this lady feels like her husband is her boss!

It’s okay to admit things aren’t all rainbows and happiness all of the time.

This is sweet!

Parenting is hugely fulfilling. 

And, dad relies on you to be a great mom! These duties are shared, don’t feel bad.

It’s crazy how some people think all stay at home moms do nothing all day. It’s generally quite the opposite!

Whatever works for you!