Unwise Decisions That Are Too Painful And Funny To Look At

In order to triumph in this life, it’s all about making the right decisions. You may want to avoid making unwise decisions that will make you regret in the end. Mistakes can happen sometimes because we fail to choose the right decision. Some people regard these mistakes as lessons and they move on wiser than before. But there are some people who never learn and make stupid mistakes over and over again. Let these hilarious people serve as living proofs on how unwise decisions can affect your fate. Unless you want to end up just like them then go ahead and be stupid.




Next time you try to fit yourself inside a locker, make sure that you can make your way out.

We need to teach our children not to get too close to crocodiles because common sense tells us that riding on a crocodile’s back is a life-threatening move.

Wherever we look at it, there’s no way we can tell that it’s a tattoo. Good luck explaining it to all people you meet.

Letting your pet wear a shirt, a sunglasses and a cap doesn’t make it a person. So when they say no pets are allowed, it really means you’re not allowed to bring pets whether they’re dressed up or not.

Bad decisions often lead to regret. A second thought and a little reconsideration could have saved you from losing your favorite energy drink.

I surely don’t want to wear something out of misery because bad luck may follow if I do. We feel you, Stephanie but that’s a no from me.

Are they cooking a volcano? I’ve no idea what they’re trying to cook here but that doesn’t seem appetizing to me.

Stupid decisions that you’ll definitely regret



This is why you should think out if a certain tattoo design is suitable for you or not. You don’t want to end up with permanent blackheads just like this person.

People can get too experimental sometimes, which is actually great. Experiments can yield favorable results but they can also make chaotic outcomes. For this experiment, we can tell that the expected result did not go to his favor.

This is a school bus, right? Why did they make it seem that the upper half is flipped? It’s like they intentionally want to give parents some heart attack.

This is the moment when she realized that squirrels are not as friendly and adorable as they appear on movies.

What do you call a person who buys nothing but loads of frozen pizza? Depressed person certainly rings a bell, right?

Flip-flops are designed to liberate the toes from any covering. But if you don’t want sands into your toes, you can just wear shoes rather than ruining the real purpose of flip-flops.

Here’s a little something to keep your morning more invigorating. This is for your eyes only, of course.

Well, that escalated quickly. A giant bubblegum instantly turning into a blanket.