Unexpected Ways People Found Their Soulmates

Love occurs in all kinds of different situations. Some are funny, some are sad and others are just plain unexpected. Here we have an interesting collection of stories where people describe the unusual circumstances behind meeting their soulmates. If you love a story with a happy ending, prepare to feel all warm inside! Take a look and see how these stories compare to your own love life. Beware though, if you’re single, you might possibly be left pining for a partner!
Website: Whisper

Not a nice beginning at all, but a happy ending at least!

Not very kind to the girl who was brought on the date but at least true love bloomed!

Aww, these two sound made for each other.

Love can’t be controlled!

Ryan sounds like he has a great sense of humor!

Slightly dangerous but some women love a bold gesture like this!

We love it when a person’s risk pays off!

A story to tell their kids!

This love has stretched over a long time.

These guys found their player 2 in each other. 

Supporting each other in a time of need is a great start!

We feel sorry for people with parents that can’t accept who they are.

These guys 100% beat the odds! Well done them!

Little things can shape our entire lives!