Unbelievable Questions That Will Make You Disappointed In The Human Race

If ever we want to find some sensible answers to a certain question, Yahoo Answers is always there to help us. In there, anyone can ask any questions of any sorts, even dumb questions. People are quick to answer some interesting questions that make a lot of sense. But things can get crazy when someone asks a silly question. Most of the time, people ride along with the silliness and this is when things become more entertaining. We don’t judge whoever asked these dumb questions but there’s no denying that their nonsense makes our day brighter.



Well, why not? If they did it on the moon, they can also do it on the sun. If only fire can’t burn human to a crisp.

This guy seriously needs to hang out with real people before his paranoia can traumatize him and his pets.

The lyrics of an unknown song really help a lot but I’m not sure with that lyrics. Good luck finding it.

This type of person should be the one put to jail. Can someone please step on this person’s shoes?

Next time you cut a tomato, be extra careful.

Because putting cheese on everything is a serious sin and may Heaven forgive these sinful people.

Silly questions from Yahoo Answers that are so dumb they’re awesome



The signs are clear. You are allergic to dirt so we suggest you don’t eat it.

From the sounds of it, seems like heart fart is a very dangerous thing to do.

Skeletons are real but not the kind of skeletons that move and chase people around.

A dumb question deserves a much dumber answer.

The cause of the family rift is quite interesting. What caused her animosity towards the other members of the family? We would like to know.

So when you flush a toilet in Australia, the water flushes upward rather than downward.

Okay millennials, this is your time to shine! Mind to explain what this word means?

Let me answer this question. Hold the hot dog sandwich with your left hand using only 4 fingers except the pinky. Raise your pinky while you take a little bite off the bun. Do not eat the hotdog because fancy people don’t eat hotdogs, just the buns.

We can’t help but wonder how many fake animals are the government keeping at Area 51.