You Will Love These Typographic Tattoos By Leo Gavaggio

It’s crazy that even though there are so many different tattoo artists in this world, we are always stumbling across artists that bring something unique to the table. Although many tattooists have a wide range of capabilities, a lot of them will specialize in a certain style. Here we introduce the incredible typographic work of Leo Gavaggio. With fine lines and a clean finish, we think the pieces are fantastic. Take a look and see what you think!
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Leo is currently based in Paris and works in a studio called “L’Encrerie”. Although some of the tattoos might be a little hard to decipher, we think they look fantastic. We just love the handwritten style! It’s nice to see how the different pieces look on different parts of the body. There’s definitely some awesome inspiration here for those of you reading that are looking for a new design!