People Share Their Honest Thoughts About Turning 30

Turning 30 means lots of different things to different people. Some find it totally daunting and scary, whilst others embrace the next chapter of their lives. It’s interesting the difference you can feel going from 29 to 30. After all, it’s just one year, right? Well, turning 30 is a huge milestone to plenty of people as they often set goals in their head that they hope to have achieved by that age. If those things haven’t happened, it can leave a person feeling worried. Here we have a list of different thoughts people had on the subject. Take a look!
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Cringes? What a strange reaction. For those of us lucky enough to live a long life, turning 30 is inevitable! 

Things don’t always turn out the way we thought they would.

Good for you!

Dad needs to let go…

Feeling not in control can be scary.

We like this person’s self confidence!

It’s not too late to change that…

This is so relatable. 

We can surprise even ourselves sometimes.

This is really sad!

Young at heart!

Finding yourself is great.

30 does not equal worthless!

Many of these images are easy to relate to. Even those who are feel completely fine about turning 30 might still have the odd niggling thought about time ticking on. People really do need to stop being so hard on themselves, though. Turning 30 doesn’t suddenly stop you from being able to achieve your goals and enjoy life! Hopefully there’s many, many more good years to come following 30. Keep going to read more interesting thoughts and feelings!

You’d be surprised how many people feel like this!

This makes us really sad.

Life is too short to be unhappy. It’s not fair on the boyfriend, either.

This must be annoying to deal with!

It’s okay to not be okay, as long as you can pull yourself out of it!

A person’s age doesn’t always determine how seriously they take a relationship…

Change can be a great thing.

Only time will tell!

How people can feel this way when some live to be 100 is interesting…

Of course there is hope!

If you feel this way then the best is yet to come…

Ignore what anyone else says! It’s your decision.

30 is the prime for some people!