30 Thought Provoking Statements That Have Never Occurred To You Before

Although most people admit to not knowing everything in life, once you’re an adult its easy to feel like you’ve given most things some thought. But, there’s always room for you mind to explore and think about new things. Here we have 30 thought provoking statements, some of which make so much sense and are so simplistic you’ll be baffled that you hadn’t thought about them before! Take a look and prepare to have your eyes opened!
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Kind of sounds better too.

Yes, yes it should!

We never knew this! Did you?

This is very pleasing.

Oh, to be 10 years old again!

This NEEDS to be added to phones!

It’s amazing what you can miss in the blink of an eye!

Erm… gross!

How this hasn’t been brought out in every bra shop yet we’ll never understand!

Morbid, but kind of true!

We do have a lot of milk!

Finger typing time, that’s what!


Sometimes the dramatics are worth it!

That doesn’t seem very long in the grand scheme of things…

If only we could read the minds of cats!

We hope you’re enjoying the food for thought you’ve been given so far. Isn’t it crazy how so many of these images make perfect sense, yet you’ve never considered them before? And, even once you move on from each statement, your mind is left wandering, pondering on other random things. Well, we think it’s a great thing to experience and if you do too, keep scrolling to see more thought provoking statements!

Branch out Dora, come on!

We’re sure they all have someone different in mind, hopefully!

Pacman will always be a classic!

Have you ever thought about this?


Some people just love a bumper sticker.

Somehow, we don’t think players will care too much!

Good to know!

Both equally cool.

This has probably already been done!

That’s a lot of things!

So simple yet so clever!

This is crazy.

Just imagine! 

Some people have far too much time on their hands.