Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

Everyone has their own set ways of doings things. After all, what’s the point in switching things up when something works for you? Well, sometimes, the point is that you aren’t doing something in the correct, and most efficient, way! Here we present a list of 14 things you’ve been doing all wrong. Some are so simple you’ll be shocked you never realized them before! You may already know a few but take a look and you’re bound to learn something new that will make your life easier!


Make your chips bag into a bowl and remove any clean up later!

No more messy counter tops when you place your spoon like so…

Open both ends of your beer box and just slide your cans right in to your fridge! No more one by one placement!

Now you know what this part of the key ring bottle opener is actually for!

Help your meat to thaw faster by flattening it before freezing.

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