Things You Can’t Help But Laugh At

People can certainly surprise us with their silly ways by doing outrageous things that always catch us off guard. Well, we’re talking about human beings here so it’s no wonder they can do really crazy things sometimes. However, the level of craziness can range from nonirritating to extreme atrociousness. And you know that things are going out of control when people go to the extreme. We can’t help but just watch how things unfold in front of our very own eyes, in utter awe. Prepare to burst out laughing with these outrageous things that we have gathered for you.


This elevator is amazing! It can go 5 floors below the ground. And out of its 103 floors, it can only bring you to only seven of them. So technically, if you go to the 65th floor, you’ll need to stop at the 58th floor. Use the stairs from there and climb seven floors to reach your destination.

This confirms it, petting a snake is bad for your self-esteem.

Maybe the Death Star has something to do with the question. Its super-laser has the ability to destroy anything, which also includes love. So there you have the answer.

The good news is that she doesn’t have to wait for 67 more days to realize that she’s a failure. All it took was 2 hours, people! 2 hours!

Ouch, that certainly hurts. Breaking your heart for ditching you is one thing, but breaking your legs is a lot worse.

How do you know if an insect repellent is effective? If it stops the bugs from spreading and definitely does NOT promote their reproduction.

Consider yourself lucky for not having scratches but next time would be different. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

People doing crazy things that will catch you off guard



What are these kids up to? I’m sure there are better things to write about, something that can benefit the whole world. How can breaking a record help humankind?

Being an exterminator is a noble job, we’ll give her that. But seems like she got the wrong idea about the types of pests that should be exterminated. Bees, worms and grasshoppers are important components of ecosystems unlike the worthless bed bugs and cockroaches. But I think we’ll let her do what she likes with Justin Bieber.

That’s a head-scratcher headline. How do dead people wake up? Unless they’re zombies then I guess that’s possible.

That’s not something to smile about. Addiction is a serious matter, whether it’s addiction to social media or addiction to drugs.

Cannibalism can really make us tremble with fear worse than diabetes and cocaine use.

Learn a thing or two from Raphael, kids. Don’t ruin the taste of pizza by adding any weird things onto it.

Katy Perry will have something to say to this. But we’ll get to confirm this when she goes to hell.

That cute thing telling us to suck its balls is decent enough for me because tapioca balls are basically balls. Unless you give it another meaning then it becomes indecent.