Things That Will Make You Think ‘Oh, Now I Get Why It’s Like That’

There are some things in life that just leave us wondering. Certain things will bother us to the point we need to look it up, whilst others you notice but just forget about them never knowing their purpose. Well, we’re here to clear up a few of those things! Some of them are so simple, you’ll be shocked you didn’t realize them before. Take a look!

Wondering what these bumps are? They are meant to be used as helpful anchors where your index fingers would sit when using the touch type method with 10 fingers. 

Jeans were originally designed for miners. They were meant to be a durable item of clothing. This they were, but the pockets would constantly rip under the pressure of carrying tools. So, rivets were added. 

There are quite a few reasons for  indentations in wine bottles, known as punts. Back many years ago before equipment existed to make bottles, it was difficult to make a flat bottom. Secondly, the punt helps to distribute any pressure when it comes to champagne or sparkling wine. And, finally, aged wine often leads to a sediment, the punts make it accumulate around itself. 

Have you ever looked at your garlic press and wondered why the end looks like this? Well, it doubles up as a cherry pitter!

The circular thing between your camera and flash is actually a second microphone.

Want to know if your phone has water damage? Many phones have a moisture indicator that changes color when it has come in to contact with fluid.

So, why does the end of a tape measure look like this? The serrated end is there so if you need to mark something you can just push on it. The hole allows you to hook on to screws or bolts so that you can then measure a distance more easily. 

If you turn this bit around using the button on the underneath, it changes the way the staple goes in. One way bends outwards making the staples easier to remove, if need be. 

It may sound silly, but there is somewhat an art to tearing off sticky notes! This way will cause your paper to curve…

Whereas this one won’t. 

A small thing that makes a difference!

The hole you notice on padlocks are for drainage. 

This arrow tells the driver which side their gas refueling side is!