Things That Could Have Done With A Second Opinion

There are things that can physically hurt you and some things that are painful just by looking at them. These painfully cringey photos will make you say ‘my eyes hurt’ by the mere sight of them. We acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes so therefore we have to learn from it. However, there are silly mistakes that some people commit that even common sense cannot explain. Doesn’t it always make you cringe when you see something so terrible, like a disaster waiting to happen? Take a look at these painfully cringey photos that will let you foresee one formidable event. Get ready for a cringe-inducing experience.



How stable can rotating rollers be as a platform? I think we don’t need to see this guy falling to check its stability.

Power plugs are not Legos and assembling them like this is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Flat iron as a door handle is actually a clever idea. But your guests will have second thoughts whether to touch it or not.

This girl learned that the use of a terrorizing threat is a serious offense. And she learned it the hard way.

That’s right, charge your phone in a place where you can’t see it..


If you can’t afford expensive repairs, there are other alternatives rather than leaving your bumper open.

This Chinese kid has been relying on Google Translate too much. It was all good until his network encountered a connectivity problem.

Cringeworthy photos that are too painful to look at



Now imagine yourself walking down this stairway to disaster. What are the chances of your feet slipping on a slippery glass step? What are the chances of the glass steps breaking due to unbearable weight? And what are the chances of you falling into the pit of hell?

Now, ladies! Why don’t you leave all your make-up kits at home and focus on your driving? It’s always better to be alive and ugly than being dead and beautiful.

This crappy slogan is trying to tell us something. And their use of different fonts is so cleverly done.


This clock is wrong in so many levels. If you want to check the time, you’ll need to tilt your head upside down. Using tapes to keep it hanging doesn’t help either.

No, thanks. I don’t eat puppies for breakfast.

We understand that they only want to make plunging more fun but we can’t shake off the uncertainty of falling into a disaster when we use it.

The order of this cheat code is correct but I’m having a hunch that the first name was wrong.

How ancient is his car anyway?  Poor iPhone has to suffer this torment.