Things Wedding Guests Noticed That Screamed Divorce Was On The Horizon

A wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion filled with love and happiness. It signifies two people uniting in a commitment to be with each other for the rest of their lives, so, you would expect to see the day radiating with warmth and affection. However, many weddings are sadly doomed from the start for many different reasons. Here we have a list of things spotted by eagle eyed guests that screamed divorce was on the horizon. Take a look!
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Why bother going through with it in the first place?

How sad.

Utterly disrespectful!

Not good. He should look blown away. 

A little suspicious?

Maybe it was innocent hand holding?

This sounds like the bride cared way more than the lazy groom.

A dramatic wedding indeed!

Maybe they were a perfect match then? Or, both absolutely dreading the day?

Outdated much…

Maybe they just loved the song?

How tasteless…

The words ‘not interested’ spring to mind.

So many of these images make you wonder why the couples involved bothered going through with their weddings! It seems like a huge waste of everyone’s time, effort and money. Of course, with some of these stories more information is needed to make an accurate judgement, but for many of them we are left mind blown at the behavior of some people! Keep going to read even more shocking wedding disasters!


He may as well have not turned up.

We’ve heard of a helping hand but this sounds downright traumatic!

People have the strangest timing with their decisions.

Uh oh!

Maybe he just didn’t like the dress but didn’t want his bride to know as it would hurt her feelings!

Not being on the same page is brutal.

Sometimes, parents just know!


Then there was really no point in the vows surely?

This is so tacky and rude.

She may have just got carried away having a great time!

Not exactly traditional but each to their own!