These Parents Meeting Celebrities Are Making Their Kids Jealous

We don’t get to see famous celebrities everyday and it would take a lot of luck to stumble upon one. But guess what, these parents meeting celebrities in person are getting all the luck in the world. To top it all off, they’re not even aware how lucky they are for having such a precious opportunity. While most people could’ve freaked out when they suddenly bump into a celebrity, these parents are cool about it. This is what makes their kids frustratingly jealous, for having the chance to sit beside their favorite stars. Here are photos of parents meeting celebrities like it’s nothing.


We could have been more convinced that Hozier was your Dad’s favorite musician if he only knows his name rather than texting “Me and ?”


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This Dad is rude in a cute way. He could’ve just called him DJ Beard Man rather than DJ Fat Man.


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Yeah, we can’t also believe she met Guy Fieri before we did. Lucky girl!


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These folks don’t even have an idea how famous these celebrities are and here they are taking selfies with them.


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No, you don’t deserve to have a picture with her if you don’t even know her name. This is not fair! And here I am, dying to meet Camila Cabello in person.


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If there’s one thing, Zendaya’s name is unique and there’s no way you can mess it up with her name. Zendajaja, really?!

mom saw zendaya parents meeting celebrities

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When you have no idea you’re sitting beside a famous celebrity and you just keep hearing other people screaming his name. Well, since he’s famous, might as well ask my daughter who this Nick Jonas is.


Lucky parents stumbling upon famous celebrities



Old folks know a little about rappers because rap is obviously not their cup of tea when it comes to music. When a popular rapper makes an effort to introduce himself to your Mom, that’s when you can really tell how lucky your Mom is.


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Like I already told you, rap is certainly not their preference in music so they don’t know a lot of rappers, not even the most famous ones.


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Mom, it’s rude to snap photos of other people without their permission. But if it’s a well-known celebrity, it’s perfectly okay!


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