Teen Movie Cliches That Are So Annoyingly Unrealistic

Teenage life is certainly the most exciting stage in our lives because this is the time for self-discovery and experimentation. However, these annoying teen movie cliches will make you realize that fiction is a far cry from reality. High school life and teenage romance are always in the mix in every teen movie. Bullies, hot jocks, sexy cheerleaders, nerds, ordinary-looking girls transforming into a head-turner, are common characters. But seriously, did you actually see yourself in one of those characters? I bet you didn’t because movies and real-life are two very different settings. Here are teen movie cliches that are as annoying as gnats.


The main character, whether a guy or a girl, always has a quirky bestfriend  who is ever loyal. There’s always some point in the movie when they fall out but will eventually reconcile in the end.

All high school students are good dancers. There’s not a single student in any teen movie who doesn’t dance well when everyone starts bouncing to the lively music.

In most movies, teenagers prefer to broadcast their secrets and confessions in front of an audience, on a microphone. Unfortunately, teenagers don’t do that in reality. They have Facebook now, right?

The most popular guy in school is a champion athlete and not necessarily smart. In teen movies, being smart in class isn’t cool at all. Most of the time, intelligent guys are called nerds.

In the movies, a school does not serve as a learning ground but rather a fashion runway where girls can flaunt their flirty clothes and display their social status.

No scene has ever perplexed me as much as this particular scene from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I bet many girls have tried to distract their male teachers by doing this but I’m guessing it didn’t turn out as well as in the movie.

Teachers can either be friendly or stern in the movies. But when stern teachers get angry, they can be really menacing. How about 2 months of detention? Mess with the bull, you’ll get the horn.

Teen drama tropes that need to stop



Casting for the ugly duckling always involves choosing pretty celebrities who are undeniably attractive. Putting eyeglasses on Anne Hathaway and Rachel Leigh Cook doesn’t change the fact that they still look stunning. Letting Mandy Moore wear unfashionable dress and ponytails didn’t make her look any less charming than her real glamorous look.

Every girl in every teen movie has only one aim – to become the prom queen. The battle of the girls begins when prom night is fast approaching. Do they get a jackpot prize when they become a prom queen? Why are girls so desperate about it?

The hottest chicks or the coolest dudes always drive around in a convertible. Why is it so? That is to show how everyone is a loser compared to them.

When a certain student’s secret is revealed, everyone makes a fuss about it like it’s a big deal. I once tried to eat dog foods and when my backstabbing bestfriend announced my dirty secret to the entire school, no one even bats an eye.

Teen movies are not complete without superfluous night parties. Of course, a wealthy student invites all students for a house party and every single one of them will be there. There will be loud music, beers, chips, and drama.

All teen movies start with the bet, they always have. The guy unexpectedly falls in love with the girl. Then the girl finally finds out the truth that everything was just a bet. The guy runs after the girl trying to explain everything. The girl refuses at first but eventually gives in at the end. And they lived happily ever after.

Cool kids have the right to choose the seats they like in the school cafeteria. Losers must give up their seats when the cool kids ask them to beat it.

The catfight officially begins when the bad girl spills the drink on the good girl.

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