30 Beautiful Tattoos By South Korean Artist ‘Hongdam’ You Will Love

Even those who aren’t a fan of tattoos can’t deny how versatile the art form can be. Just like with pen to paper, the possibilities with tattooing are endless. Here we introduce South Korean artist Hongdam who specializes in elegant and minimalistic pieces. Even the tiniest of his designs are bursting with detail, with each and every one being uniquely wonderful. Take a look below to see just a few examples of the talented artist’s work, and if you like what you see you can find even more on Hongdam’s Instagram page, which boasts over 160 thousand followers!
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The detailing on this one is just perfect. 

This fade effect is unique and stunning.

Flower tattoos can be simple, but so elegant. 

It amazes us how even the tiny tattoos can hold so much detail.

We could get lost staring into trees like these.

Bang on the spine. 

An awesome cover up!

A small tattoo bursting with color. 

A feather with a great twist. 

What an adorable pooch.

This design is so cute!

A nice contrast of pink and purple.

Dainty yet bold.

This wrap around style is great!

Ones like this are perfect if you need to keep your tattoos covered.

We’re sure you’re already impressed, but prepare for things to get even better! We love how Hongdam can take the smallest and simplest of designs and turn them into something stunning. We would really struggle to pick even 3 favorites from this collection as we genuinely would get so many of them done! These designs are perfect for people who wan’t something subtle or small, and would be great ‘starter’ tattoos. Keep going to see more fantastic examples!

Rose designs may be common, but they always seem to be beautiful!

This geometric stag is incredible.

The touch with the eyes is lovely.

What an imaginative creation!

One hell of an improvement!

This person will forever be above the mountains.

Wonderfully simplistic.

We love the overground/underground style tattoos!

What clever placement!

The fur is so lifelike!

This girl now has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

We’ve never seen anything like this before… 

Wow! What an interesting way to create a rose!

Gorgeous colors.

Simply beautiful.