This Guy Stacks Coins In An Unbelievable Way

Many of us lose change all the time. But, if you’re someone who saves their coins, maybe you’d be interested in learning a new skill to put them to use! Here we present Tanu, a person who has insane abilities to stack coins. Tanu regularly shows off his creations on his Twitter account for all to admire. These stacks really are mind blowing, some seem utterly impossible! For those that do have some doubts, there is a video at the bottom of the post showing Tanu making one of his stacks. Take a look and prepare to be left in awe!
Website: Twitter


Incredible balance!

This looks so difficult!

This guy possesses some serious skills!

It would take us days, if not weeks, to get just one of these stacks completed!

If the stacks could be glued they would make awesome decorations around a home.

Our own breathing would knock down most of these!

So impressive.

You have to have some serious patience to have this as a hobby!

We wonder how many failed attempts this one took?!

Hopefully no wine was wasted in the making of this stack!

This video shows Tanu in action!