Surprising Things You Don’t See Everyday

It would be a real surprise if she’s still alive after being trapped in an elevator for 7 months. This is why you should always check your Twitter account every now and then because you may not want to miss out on anything.

Letting your dog play in the mud proves to be a horrible idea. You don’t only get to clean the mess up but you also have to get one creepy-looking little monster as a pet.

Mushroom growing in your ceiling is a sign that mold and fungus are slowly invading your home.

We’re looking at a real fire-bender that makes us wonder whether the Avatar is real or just a fiction. But we’ll have to see the remaining benders to confirm that they are real.

You’ll need to hold your arms up high for hours in order to let people see your glittery underarms because everything would be pointless if they don’t see it. Don’t put down your amrs no matter what.