Surprising Things You Don’t See Everyday

I wonder how the people working at this warehouse sleep at night knowing that there are sinister eyes surveying their every move.

Lego can boost creativeness in kids and adults alike. I bet you didn’t know that you can make a perfect cord holder out of a Lego hand. Now you know.

Photos that will make you expect the unexpected



Ummm… there’s a useful feature called an on-screen keyboard that can be used in case the keyboard isn’t working. But we’ll just assume that this student doesn’t know about it.

Say goodbye to ATM security when a person can easily sneak inside the machine and even hand you a crumpled bill.

I can’t imagine how annoyed I can be when I find out that someone put their empty sandwich bun in my door handle because there’s no trash can around. I mean, who eats a sandwich this way?

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