Strange Things You Don’t Get To See Everyday

The main reason why we go out and travel is to look for something new that can amuse us. But this time, you don’t need to get up from your chair as we bring to you these unbelievable photos. We always strive for something unique, something that no one else has. People choose to be different and they take pride for being out of the ordinary. People find pleasure in seeing exceptional things because ordinary is boring. Whether they believe it or not, as long as it stands out among the rest, it’s good. We’re bringing you these unbelievable photos that will make you say “No way!” in a very amusing tone.



Before PETA can say anything against this photo, I think it’s worth pointing out how these chicken seem to enjoy the situation they’re into.

There’s so much going on in this photo. Is this guy’s swimming suit too small for him? Is that a backpack with a butt? But if you look closer, you’ll see a kid in blue suit clinging on his Dad’s back.

Looks like a transient found a comfortable apartment to spend the night. How did he escape the store’s security? Only he knows.

She only wants to swap faces with her boyfriend. Why would a hubcap ruin everything? Now she really looks depressed and heartbroken. Where’s the car anyway? I don’t see any car around so where did that thing came from?

I personally prefer gummy vitamins over their tablet counterparts. The only downside is that these gummies melt. And when it happens, you’ll need to munch on this thing because there’s no way to break them apart anymore.

TVs are getting slimmer, phones are getting thinner, and people are getting skinnier. It goes without saying that even buildings are getting along with the trend.

We’re interested to know why this giant peanut has a big smile on its face. That grin is somehow driving me nuts.

Astonishing things that you won’t believe actually exists


Why did they leave the hood open? Why is that pipe sticking out? What level of craziness can this van get?

No one is brave enough to challenge the reigning rap battle champion. But a courageous sheep got what it takes to take the title today.

This looks like a normal car at first glance. And I bet you didn’t know that the ragged edge of the side window is NOT a reflection but an actual notched glass.

This cow is named Seven and we don’t need to point out why they choose that name.

We may never know why this cactus is trying to get on the roof and why is it trying to escape from the ground. If anyone can explain it to us then we’ll greatly appreciate it.

Can you unflinchingly cut Kathy Bates’ head while she blankly stares at you? It would take a lot of courage to slice this creepy cake. That stare is going to haunt you forever.

Cherubs used to be depicted as charming and lovely creatures. What happened to them now? Are they turning to the dark side?

Oh no, looks like it’s time to wax my legs again!