Strange Things That Will Leave You Feeling Slightly Confused

Humans are strange beings and that explains why people find fascination in weird things and senseless stuff. Absurdity can either make us laugh or cringe, most of times they can make us do both at the same time. Things don’t necessarily have to make sense in order to amuse us. We’re going to prove that even the things that don’t make sense can also pique your interest. While we’re at it, why not challenge your logic and try to make something out of these strange photos? We have gathered some weird things for you and get ready for a whole new level of craziness.


What type of species does this strange animal belong to? And where does it intend to go to? And how many years is it waiting in vain for someone to offer it a ride.

Be brave, kitty! That glass door will keep you safe no matter what.

No one could ever love you more than the way you love yourself, right?

When you want to just cool down after a tiring day but you still have some spare energy for some weird stuff.

There must be some kind of a love story here. After a couple decided to split up and go separate ways, they find their ways back to each other again and live a happier more fruitful life.

I’m having a hint of what song he’s playing. Right down to the wire. Even through the fire.

This should have been a perfect photo for this lovely couple, if not for that third wheel on the mirror who’s doing something silly.

Strange photos that will defy all logic


Does it make a difference on gaming experience if you put lotion all over your Nintendo controller?

If you ever think that your life sucks, take a look at this sock and realize how your misery can’t even come close to its tragedy.

What did he do to deserve this kind of torture? Those angry lobsters don’t look so forgiving.

We also thought so. Thank goodness it was just makeup or we would have freaked out.

Jack-in-the-box can’t even compare to the creepiness of this bizarre box containing these mannequin heads.

We also have a lot of questions. Putting those pink crocs aside, the sheet music alone is a complete mystery. When did they change the title of The Star-Spangled Banner into Gangnam Style?

This is how they do their business in this office. When they run out of office chairs, they pull out the toilets from their bathrooms.

Looks like this skeleton is giving the guy a hard time in this game of chess. We would want to hear the skeleton shout “Checkmate!” on its opponent.