Strange Things That Need An Explanation

Everything happens for a reason, at least that’s what we all believe. But you’ll definitely change your belief when you meet these ridiculous people doing things for no reason at all. We may never come to understand why they’re doing such silly things but they still entertain us for some reasons. If there’s anything these ridiculous people are good at, it’s that they never fail to give us a good laugh. Here are photos of ridiculous people doing crazy things that make no sense at all.


A trailer could’ve been a better option than piling up all those junks on top of your car.

Until now, no one hasn’t figured out yet what those pulleys are for.

Nokia just can’t catch a break. But there are other things more suited for these outmoded phones than being served on the dining table. Like making a bullet-proof suit made from these unbreakable phones.

Because the head needs more protection than the feet.

Normally, people would stay away from dangerous cracks like this, especially if smokes are coming out from it. But this guy would rather have one remarkable selfie than keeping himself safe.

When you go on a protest, you need to get your message clear because one misspelled word can make a big difference. Just take a look at this photo. I would have to disagree with this lady because the world is already full of Brians. We don’t need more of them anymore.

What kind of spirit are they trying to summon with this ritual? Is there such a thing as a cashew spirit?

Silly people doing nonsense things



Accidents and injuries are important reminders to stay away from things that can harm us. But this kid never learns his lesson.

Now, here’s something to keep you awake at night. Thank me later.

Don’t panic if you forgot to bring your eye mask on your trip. Use your resourcefulness and benefit from it.

There’s definitely something off about the cat but I swear I can do worse than that. That’s a pretty good drawing of a cat on my standard.

Oh sure, Mommy would be so proud if I make her look like a rock punk vampire!

Super Mario has never looked so creepy like this. All the running through challenging tunnels trying to rescue a princess in distress sure is a rough job.

Why would you sacrifice your finger for the sake of cutting a bagel? Because some people are just too crazy.

Is the rivalry coming to an end? Are they working together now?