These Hilariously Strange Things That People Believed When They Were Kids Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic

A child’s mind is a fascinating thing. Yet to be tainted by the adult issues of the world, their little imaginations run wild over innocent things. If you think back to when you were a child, there’s probably quite a few strange things that you used to believe. If you’re struggling to think of any, maybe this amusing list of childhood beliefs will jog your memory. It includes everything from thinking the dentist controlled the weather all the way to believing salt would cool down food! Take a look!
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Imagine having paradise not far from your home!

We bet lots of kids think things like this! 

At least this encouraged good hygiene! Hopefully it didn’t become excessive, though.

We’re guilty of thinking that teachers lived at school also!


Siblings can be so cruel!

We wonder how long this person waited until they convinced themselves they were going to be okay…

Oh no! This could have ended up in a lot of unhealthy salty dinners.

At least this is logical! 

Slightly disturbing…

If only! The world would probably be a happier place.

We would have liked to have seen the moment this person realized they were wrong!

Well duh! Everything is bought at the store? Right? 

A lot of kids share this fear! Strange!