People Confess Their Strange And Oddly Satisfying Addictions

Many of us throw around the phrase ‘I’m addicted to…’ when we really like something. But, the truth is more often than not they aren’t proper addictions. However, many of you reading this will have a real addiction and it’s likely you know others who have them too. Traditionally, the first things people think of when it comes to addiction are things like alcohol, drugs or gambling, but there are so many strange ones out there! Here we have an interesting list of people revealing the things that give them huge amounts of satisfaction. Take a look and feel free to share your own strange addictions on the comments section below!
Website: Whisper

We’d be interested to know if this persons teeth are healthy or not.

That’s an awful lot of chicken broth!

Happiness is a good sign as long as it’s a healthy happiness. 

We have to admit we love cracking our backs!

This seems fairly harmless! At least there’s no calories involved!

Lots of children do this, clearly this person stuck with it!

Excessive damage can be caused by using hair dye too much. 

This is how serious debt occurs. We hope this person stopped burying their head in the sand.

We loved doing this as kids. It’s such a strange satisfaction!

We bet this person’s house has nail polish chips everywhere!

Sun damage to the skin is no joke.

Get a hair cut and a decent shampoo to minimize the amount of split ends you have so that you can gradually cut down.

We wonder if you build up immunity to a smell?

But, what happens when you run out of space?

We hope this person eventually learnt to balance the gym and a normal life.

Smelling gasoline intentionally and too often is very dangerous.