Straight-Up Liars Who Got Caught Out For Their Lies

Some people will make up even the most blatant lies just to get attention on social media. But guess what, the world no longer tolerates straight-up liars. The internet should serve as a repository of facts and useful information, not of obvious lies. So if you see someone posting a lie, don’t hesitate to call them out and break the truth to them. Besides, lying is not a good thing and we should teach our children to be always honest. Don’t be like these straight-up liars who thought they’re deceiving everyone with their lies.


Turns out that tornado proves to be a greater foe for America than the Muslims. And turns out that someone actually believes this stupid lie.

Don’t be too assuming, New York Post. Try to have a closer look next time and don’t just assume something that isn’t there.

What would they gain from orchestrating an incident that would put the blame on squirrels?

We definitely believe the dog was innocent because there’s no way it can open the pillow zipper on its own. The pillow case should’ve been in shreds if the dog really did it.  Just look at its expression, it was like it’s saying “What did I do to be framed up like this?”

You can’t be using the same pick-up lines every time  you try to hit on girls. That’s a lame message by the way.

Sometimes, people are quick to take it to social media when they have something to say, without thinking things over. And most of the time, they end up looking stupid.

Social media liars who got hilariously called out



The slim chance of getting a double-yolked egg is about 1 in 1,000. Getting 24 of them in one purchase is like winning the lottery. How lucky can this person get? But as it turns out, the odds are too low for this to become a reality. Of course, unless they’re lying.

We’ve seen that poster everywhere around us. What makes them think that this filtered thing can convince people that this is a pencil sketch on paper?

No one said that reading a book will make you special but it won’t hurt you to read books sometimes.

If truth can literally burn, this plagiarizer should’ve been burned to a crisp. Straight-up liars deserve it anyway.

When you’re a notorious prankster, don’t expect people to take you seriously. And as long as there are other witnesses that can spill the truth, you can’t easily get away with lying.

You just can’t make up one horrible story out of a picture. You can make a good writer someday but tone it down on lying.