Impressive Works Of Art Made Entirely From Stones

Most of us feel completely indifferent towards stones. After all, they don’t really hold much purpose in our lives. Unless, that is, you’re someone like Stefano Furlani. Stefano has always enjoyed researching stones and collecting them, hoping he can find some resemblance to other things in them. Growing up in Fano, Italy, it was easy for Stefano to pursue his passion having plenty of access to rocks. Now, he creates the most awesome works of art made entirely from stones, with some help from his 3 year old son! Take a look and see what you think!
Website: SassiD’Autore

The cat’s head stone is such a perfect shape!

Even the less interesting stones can be found to have great uses!

The simpler pieces are still super impressive.

We love how creative Stefano is. We wouldn’t know where to begin with a pile of stones!

We think it’s lovely Stefano’s son helps him out. He will be really talented when he’s older!

His creations have so much character.

We bet people would love to have these pieces hanging up in their homes!

Isn’t it great that Stefano’s art isn’t wasteful or harmful? What’s more he’ll never struggle to find supplies!

Our favorite piece!

A magnificent owl!

Stone art is definitely something we want to give a try!

It seems like a fun hobby that you could become skilled at with practice!

A great copy of ‘The Scream’!

So, will you be giving stone art a try?