These Spooky Stories About Supernatural Experiences Are Guaranteed To Make You Shudder

Warning! Although not every one of these stories is negative, they definitely aren’t for the faint hearted. These firsthand, spooky experiences will leave you wanting to sleep with the light on. Ranging from ghosts and creatures to messages from loved ones, there’s no denying this post is super interesting! So, if you’re the kind of person who is fascinated by creepy things and would welcome a ghostly visitor or two, take a look below!
Website: Whisper

We always think things are spookier when they involve ghost babies!

It just had to be the bible!

Children laughing is the most joyous and terrifying sound!

Frightening but sort of nice. He’s at peace.

Get rid of the closet!

This is pretty sweet!

It can be nice when people embrace the supernatural instead of fearing it.

At least she isn’t bothering anyone!

What a horrific sight!

This person must be left with a lot of questions.


We wonder what the messages said…

Even ghosts probably get irritated with girl talk!

Burn it!

So, how are you faring so far? Creeped out to the high heavens or in your element, wanting to go further? Either way, you should definitely continue as you haven’t read all of the best ones yet! Do you find yourself relating to any of these people’s experiences? We are seriously feeling spooked out. If you’re in the same boat we recommend not only having the lights on tonight but maybe finding a sleeping buddy! Keep going if you dare!

Let’s hope it was just a mini earthquake!

Cold breezes only ever feel good on a hot day.

Dogs can sense things…

Sounds like the start of a horror film…

We aren’t surprised this person couldn’t sleep!

A little message from grandma perhaps?

This is enough to make us fold everything and avoid hangers!

We bet mum was freaked out!

A ghost that tidies up… could be worse!

Ouija boards are NOT to be messed with.

Just what you want to see when you’re in bed!


This one gave us chills!