Spelling Mistakes That Are So Bad They Are Good

From a young age, we are taught how to spell things. Whether it be our parents, friends or teachers, the people around you will do their best to ensure you learn how different words are spelled. This is of great importance as we get older, particularly as we enter the world of work. It is also especially important for businesses and companies to know how to spell as it reflects upon them. Well, here we have a hilarious selection of images showing spelling mistakes so bad that they are good. Take a look and prepare for a lot of laughs!

Well, people are definitely going to go slow to see this!

Aww, friendly fruit!

This gets funnier the more we look at it.

We bet someone got in trouble for this!

At least this sign is honest…

What a dangerous mistake! Some poor soul might chomp down on some actual wood…


This sounds like a twisted game!

Watch out!

Well, at least this sign would have attracted some attention!

Mmm,¬†appetizing… not!

The staff at this store clearly didn’t understand when someone pointed out their sign was misspelled…

Irony at its best.

Well, it looks like our bottoms are safe!

Aren’t so many of these images hilariously shocking? We’re sure a lot of people got in trouble for some of these blunders. However, the saying goes no publicity is bad publicity and many of these images have gone viral, maybe not for the best reasons but it’s good to see the best in situations! They certainly provided us with a good laugh at the very least. Keep going to see more spelling fails!

Something strange is going on here…

We haven’t heard of this type of Snickers before!

This sounds like something our parents needed to sort for us. 

We think we’ll stick with the tissue paper…

Someone’s getting fired!


When it all kicks off under water…

Sounds promising…

We’re all for equal opportunities¬†but this isn’t something we’d like to work along side with…

Not quite good enough, apparently!

What a personal question!

Good to know!


Think before you steal! A lifestyle change could be coming your way…


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