Some of the weirdest things you will ever see

People seem to be eating failure for breakfast because they tend to love making terrible fails one after another. If you look up the internet, expect to see funny examples of people making dumb mistakes left and right. These hilarious proofs would certainly make you think what is wrong with humankind. And guess what? People don’t seem to get enough of their own stupid mistakes and they just keep on coming with worse fails. So I guess we’ll just have to stick around with this silliness for a while. Here are photos of terrible fails showing that failure is already an integral part of our everyday lives.


There’s too many lessons to learn from this incident. Never try to feed a spider. Leave dead insects alone. And learn to estimate if the porch railings are wide enough for your head.

What did Thomas do to deserve this atrocity? So when you squeeze this tube toy, something disgusting comes out that looks like guts, breaking Thomas’ face in the process.

Tomato ketchup ice cream, anyone? I don’t need to put this in my mouth to tell how it tastes because I believe that my eyes are already telling me what I need to know. I’ll pass on this one.

Crabs are really appetizing, there’s no doubt about that. But centipedes are definitely not. I love crabs but please take this disgusting thing out of my table.

When you accidentally sent a wrong message to your manager. Thankfully, the manager seems cool about it.

Animal taxidermy really gives me the creeps. What more if you pair them with creepy-looking dolls? It’s a total nightmare.

This No Peeing sign is actually clever. But if you want to become a Youtube star in an instant then you may consider breaking it.

This thing doesn’t look sanitary at the very least. Whatever happened to this toilet paper to become like this?

Epic fails showing people making stupid mistakes



When you’re too desperate to see your dog in a jumper dress, you can just let it wear an actual dress without the need to trim its fur.

What is he thinking? I bet he’s always thinking about money because his head is so full of it.

Sometimes, creativity can get out of control. Here is one example of how NOT to use your creativity.

What happens if I press this button? Am I going to be purged? Or do I have the option to choose who I want to purge?

Don’t they know what will happen if they try to push a wheelchair up a staircase? We dare you to try it if you can.

How about this phone case? Even dentists will agree when I say that this is disgusting. There are things better left hidden and this is one of them.

Those sturdy steel support looks reliable enough but something seems a bit off. There it is, the missing bolts that are supposed to hold this thing in place. Can you keep your faith on a single bolt? I think not.