Some of the funniest photos that will cheer you up on the inside

Hilariously crazy photos that are just too much to handle


If I’m not wrong, I believe that sunglasses are designed for the eyes and definitely not for the scalp.

Where are the Avengers when you need them? I’m sure this lava flow is just a piece of cake for them.

Let’s see if this scribble can convince the people that this door is not white but blue.

A little warning sign could’ve saved this poor car from diving into this unexpectedly deep pothole.

So which is it exactly? Was it a success or an error? Computers can really be bad pranksters sometimes.

This is me when I try to cover up my acne scars with heavy makeup and concealers.

A single hairstyle is boring so why not wear all hairstyles in one head?

I told you, aliens are already living among us but people are just too blind to see the truth.