Some of the funniest photos that will cheer you up on the inside

We can only handle as much silliness as we can but what if the level of craziness goes beyond limit? Test your tolerance in wacky things with these outrageously funny photos that are totally out of this world. Our day would never be complete without checking out some funny stuff on the internet. So you might think you’ve seen every hilarious thing the world has to offer. On the contrary, people’s sense of humor is limitless. And the wackiness of the world will never ever end, in fact it’s getting better and better every day. We have collected some outrageously funny photos to see if you can handle this much folly.

This guy brings kayaking to a higher level. Now how about he does that on a violently fast stream of water?

Who will wear this super lengthy shoe? This is even too much for the man with the longest feet in the world.

This cutout of Pope Francis staring from the door will absolutely freak out any Catholic who will pass by this room.

When you carefully try to sneak in your favorite snacks into your room so your housemates won’t notice you.

This photo looks like a screenshot from a Pixar movie but it’s actually a real photo. The face swap is so flawless and subtle. We can’t help but to agree that this is indeed the best face swap ever.

It would be nice if these guys can explain the reason why they have to do this crazy thing. What can they gain from this?

Now that I remember it, it did happen to me. But I’ll try to deny the thought that I swallowed a tiny spider.