Hilarious Fails Caught On Snapchat Of People Having A Worse Day Than You

For many different reasons, sometimes it really does feel like the world is against you. You get those days where nothing seems to go right and everything that possibly could go wrong, does. Those of us who are patient tend to try and remind ourselves that there are people out there with bigger problems, and here we have a post that proves just that. If you think you’ve had a bad day, wait until you see some of the below images!

Seagulls will never hesitate to steal your food! 

A teachers worst nightmare!

This could make a hungry person really angry.

You’ve got to be careful how you order things and double check!


snapchat fails ice cream fall


How embarrassing!

That pelican looks utterly defeated. 

He must know, surely?!

snapchat fails dog in water


We would not want to be involved in the attempts to clean this up…

The cake place should have anticipated this!


When the world hates you…

Aw, she looks gutted!

Never mind the lid in the ceiling, look at the surrounding mess! Yuck!

This one really made us giggle.

It’s safe to say that the people involved in these photos were met with some real bad luck. These amusing images have definitely lifted our mood and made us grateful for the things that we previously deemed as ‘having a bad day’. At least these unfortunate events have been captured on camera so that one day in the future when the annoyance wears off, people can look back at them and laugh. Keep going to see more fails caught on Snapchat!

Brilliant! We hope this project was still submitted.

From yay to nay in one bite.

Why do people choose to take pictures of fires instead of putting them out?

snapchat fails washing machine on fire


Must have been a hell of a windy day!

Wow! That’s a lot of foam…

Add some water to the dispenser and you’ll be good to go!


How did no one anticipate this design flaw, or did they just not care?


Every time we look at the little girl’s legs we can’t help but laugh.

We would like to see a video of how this happened…

Damn bras, causing all sorts of hazards!

snapchat fails booby trap



Or, maybe they did…