15 Hilarious Snapchat Drawings Created By A Talented Dad Of His Adorable Son

Most Snapchat users will know there is a feature where you can edit images using a drawing tool. This may sound fairly simple but it’s actually quite difficult and very time consuming, for beginners anyway! One person who has a knack for the practice is ‘SNAPDAD’. His real name is Lukas Costeur and his occupation is graphic designer. Lukas creates awesome snapchats that feature his baby boy Felix. Each takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Take a look!
Website: Tumblr

Bat Baby here to save the world!

To infinity and beyond!

Waiting for his invite to Hogwarts…

This has got to be our favorite!

This is just brilliant.

The captions are just perfect!

Off on a pokehunt…

Sleeping Popeye!

Felix is just such a bundle of joy.

One for the Southpark fans…


May the force be with you…

Mario would be proud!

It’s a super baby!

The creativity never ends!