Simple Ways To Give Your Furniture A Brand New Look

Turn your cheap-looking couch into a more-elegant one by replacing their block legs with more sophisticated legs. Replacement parts such as sofa legs can be purchased from your nearest department stores.

Is your workplace lacking inspiration? Boost your productivity by jazzing up your work area. Enhance your table by using wallpaper to cover its surface, add some lighting, and a little inspiration from colorful flowers.

Cheap and easy ways to revitalize your old furniture



Metal handles and pulls rust away with time but it doesn’t mean you have to throw away your old furniture because its handles can no longer be used. Simply replace the rusty pulls with new one and repaint the wooden furniture for a new look.

If you put your resourcefulness to good use, you’ll realize that you don’t need to buy new pulls for your drawers. You can make use of almost anything, as long as they are reliable just like these hard plastic toys.

Apply your artistic creativity and create your own stencil to add some sparkling touch to your plain tables.

Marble contact papers can perk up a plain-looking table. Simply apply it on surface and even out to avoid bubbles.

Don’t hesitate to try something new and try a different color for a change of pace. Furniture doesn’t have to be white or black only, expand the possibilities and paint it with any color that matches your mood.

You can upcycle an old chest of drawers with decoupage. You can use almost anything – wallpaper, book cover, fabrics and more.

Give your plain-colored chairs a new breath of life by giving each of them unique colors. Besides, diversity is the new trend in fashion and design.