Silly Things People Do That Will Give You Doubts About Humanity

If you seriously believe that the future is brighter for humanity then you’re about to have second thoughts after this. These people and their silly things will challenge your faith in humanity. Just when you thought people are progressing, these hilarious photos will show you otherwise. These people sure are optimistic, we’ll give them that. But being positive alone won’t get us anywhere. People also need to be wise to keep on progressing. Get ready, everyone! We’re about to show you the people of the future and the silly things they do. This is what the future holds for humanity.


That’s right. Wear a shirt with the name of a rock band you dislike because it makes a lot of sense.

This photo of a boy petting a turtle should have been fine as it is. But then a stupid comment ruined it all. Seriously, Jonathan? Visit the zoo regularly to understand the differences of animals.

A little respect and sympathy to the dying man should have been more appropriate in this kind of a situation.

Thank you for reminding us because no one should’ve known that it’s dangerous to put their kids into the washing machine. We really appreciate this reminder, it’s a great help.

I wonder what this round yellow cap is for? Well, it probably doesn’t mean anything. I’ll just rip this carton to open it.

There’s a lot of things to be proud of our own Moms. Like how good their cooking is, how loving they are to us, how they take care of us, and such things. But being hot and sexy? That’s certainly not the image I imagine for a mother.

This is what you get when you try to get a porcupine for a pet.

Optimistic people doing hilarious things



When you try to improve your strength and balance at the same time.

Now what happens when the wheel starts running?

The future doesn’t look good for the younger generation. Is this what you want for your little girls in the future?

That poor hamster have no idea that the day would come that humans will wear them as ear accessories.

It’s either the driver was drunk or the car decided to go for a swim on its own.

This kid is confused with human biology. Someone needs to educate this kid on how hormones work.

I didn’t know that turning the earphones upside down would also turn the music upside down. Did I miss something here?

When you say something stupid, you’d rather live up to it because admitting it means you’re actually stupid.