Signs That Mean It Could Be True Love

Most people say that being in love is a feeling you know for sure. But, when it just starts to creep in, and you aren’t quite certain yet, there are many tell tale signs and situations that can indicate true love is looming. It can be anything from feeling comfortable sitting in silence together, all the way to something like passing wind at a time you really don’t want to but being able to laugh it off! Here we have a lovely list of things that mean it could be true love. Take a look!
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That is what you call being completely comfortable around each other!


Dogs are just so irresistible sometimes.

A great quality to find in a partner.

Wow! Death scented! Nice!

Humor is key to a happy relationship!

It’s worth it every single time though.¬†

Silence can be golden!

This is a great feeling!

A lucky guy! 

Sharing food is a huge deal for some people.

That is a special kind of devotion!

Sleeping is one of our favorite activities!

He’s a keeper! RIP spider, though!