Short Girl Problems That Those Who Are Vertically Challenged Will Relate To

The life of a short girl isn’t always easy. Besides the obvious negatives such as not being able to reach or see things that other average/tall bodied people can, there’s a whole host of other problems that short girls face on a daily basis. For example, a day out shopping would be fun, right? Except for the fact that none of the clothes that you like fit and you often can’t actually get to the items you want to look at without standing on something! To find out more of the annoying, saddening and hilarious challenges short girls face, take a look below. Those who are vertically challenged are sure to relate! 

If you can’t swim, you’re abandoned whilst everyone else has fun in the deep end…

Aww, we bet the old lady liked lending a hand! It’s a nice feeling to help others!

This is super annoying!

Sunglasses are a must.

Wow! What a lovely coat dress…

The photo on the far left is hilarious!

Target acquired, mission on! 

Is the car really, really big? Or, is the lady just really, really short?!

This maneuver often leaves a mark or two. 

Climbing onto counter tops is a part of everyday life.

What a cute idea.

Tiptoes it is.

Short people always seem to miss out on the fun!

A lot of people wish that they were short, but as these images prove, it’s not always a good thing! Many people also have a conception that short girls love being short because it’s cute, but many short girls actually long to be taller, and would love to be able to reach something without the help of another person or object! We aren’t for one second putting short people down, as we love people of all shapes and sizes. In fact, we hope that this post inspires people to be more aware and considerate towards shorter people! Keep going to see more amusing images!

We would like to see this! Sounds hilarious!

Tongs are a short girl’s best friend.

Just tell yourself it’s extra warmth.

Look on the bright side and be happy you can block out the entire world!

Where are the books for really short people?!

Just what every short female wants to hear!

Tall people, spare a thought…


That poor girl should have been put in the front!

You gotta do what you gotta do…

This is what you call team work!

This doesn’t look strange at all..!

Why do people always, always feel the need to tell short people they are short?

Mixed-height relationship problems…