These Lies That Parents Told Their Kids Will Leave You Shocked

Most parents will admit to lying to their children on certain occasions. Sometimes this is to make their own lives easier, sometimes it’s to encourage children to do things (or refrain from doing things) but either way many parents are guilty of it. Here we have an interesting selection of lies that parents have told their kids. There are some great examples of ‘good’ lies and some shocking examples of very bad lies. Take a look!
Website: Whisper

The parents didn’t think this one through very well!


This is really harsh. Moderation is key!

A bit severe to say the child would die but it seemed effective!

Imagine a child coming up to you and saying they were born from a coconut…

This dad is a mean genius.

A good way to make your child give away when they are lying!

Lack of honesty here.

17! We can’t believe this topic didn’t come up in any conversation with other people (apart from the parents) for that long!

This is a great one! We bet this person had some very clean teeth.


If only this were true. People would spend more time enjoying the sunshine!

Don’t you just hate it when vacuum cleaners attack?!