Shocking Secrets People Have Hid From Their Parents

It comes with the territory of being a parent to accept that one day your darling bundle of joy(s) will eventually keep things from you. It doesn’t matter how open and honest your relationship is with them, no one tells another person absolutely everything and particularly not a teenager/young adult. In some cases, there are things a parent would rather not know but equal to that, many parents would be gutted to find out that their offspring have hidden certain things from them. Here we have a list of shocking confessions by people who have hid things from their parents. Take a look!
Website: Whisper

No child should ever be alone and sad.

Living a certain way to please others doesn’t exactly sound like the way you are living is your choice.

A lot of parents can be blind to how their children really feel…

It should probably stay that way…

It would be nice to let them know before you go!

It’s easy to forget how much things affect children.

This could be both a good and bad thing.

Some things, parents just don’t need to know.

We hope this person got the support they needed.

Why the need to tell them?

They would probably be very upset to hear this.

This is so sad!

This is one secret we don’t think will be kept for very long!

It’s tough feeling like you’re being singled out.

Religion should be a choice.