14 Awesome Images That Will Leave You Feeling Incredibly Satisfied

If you’re someone who finds organisation and complimentary arrangements satisfying, you’re about to really enjoy this post. Visual artist Adam Hillman has the most awesome Instagram page that focuses on all things aesthetically pleasing. There’s no limits to the props Adam uses, including foods, pencils and even Lego bricks. Each of his arrangements take an average of 2 hours to perfect and that’s not including the time it takes to think of each concept. Take a look! 
Website: Instagram

This must have been a slippery task!

This looks too good to eat!

We’re now craving toast. Great!

Crayola Jenga!

An army of jelly bears!

Each finished concept must feel so satisfying.

The kind of pyramid we’d like to conquer.

Hopefully no feet were hurt in the making of this one! 

So simple yet so captivating!

Were the paperclips the perfect match already, or were they painted? What do you think?

We find these images super relaxing.

This paintbrush looks pearlescent to us, do you agree?

Hopefully these bananas didn’t go to waste!

What a cool result! We’re going to try this out.