This Guy Makes Sweaters Of Places Then Goes To Those Places And Photographs Himself

Sometimes, when you visit a place, you might buy a t-shirt as a souvenir. Well, maybe you could take a creative leaf out of Sam Barsky’s book and knit yourself something instead! Sam knits various places onto sweaters, then visits those places and photographs himself there! We think this is a super cool idea. You’ll notice a few famous landmarks in the mix but Sam also dabbles in random areas such as roads and beaches. Take a look and see what you think!
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We LOVE this one!

We would like to visit this place!

Sam’s definitely got some fans…

The fluffy touch on this one is just great.

London Bridge is a great place to go.

Doesn’t Sam have a cute smile?

This sweater looks like it took a lot of work!

Ooo, a tank! This place must have been cool.

A tribute to alpacas!

These sweaters really make us want to master knitting. 

Stonehenge! Another great sight to see.

An x-ray sweater.

Sam even has a jumper made for aquarium visits!

Most people would think knitting is an indoor hobby but Sam proves it doesn’t have to be.